Scaling Up Master Class Workshop

The Red Wagon Team has been made aware of Verne Harnish’s most recent Master Class Workshop live in Dallas, Texas.  If you have not been to one of these events, YOU MUST ATTEND!  I highly recommend that you and your team MAKE THE TIME!


It is said that “iron sharpens iron”, and it is certainly that way within business.  You will have the opportunity to listen to Verne and other inspirational speakers, and meet other business leaders and entrepreneurs that desire to Scale, just like you.

This is by far Verne’s best event and your best opportunity to have him take you all the way through the Scaling Up tools set in an interactive environment.  You will work on your business, as Verne explains all the concepts from the book, and the new things he has learned over the past 6 years since it’s publishing.

I have attended this event twice in the past, and have every intention to return this year, it is that good!


A Scaling Up event so you can get back to business - and back to business growth.


December 8-10, 2020
2.5 days of executive education


Dallas, TX


The Scaling Up Performance Platform has helped the leadership teams of over 70,000 scaleups through a set of tools/techniques that address the 4 decisions in scaling a business: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.


1 Executive


“The most intense and highest value for time and money training event from YPO so far."

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