My Story

When I graduated from college, I had two goals:

The first was to start and own my own business.
The second was to make IT innovation more efficient.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I started my IT business with $100,000. And I was able to scale to nearly $40 million before exiting successfully.

How did I do it?

Like all good things, it started with a vision.

For five years, I incubated my idea inside a sister company until it was ready to launch. The incubation phase was crucial. During that time, I happened upon a system that would transform my business for years to come.

When I heard about Rockefeller Habits (now Scaling Up) from Verne Harnish himself, I knew right then and there – this was exactly what I needed to help me run my business. I put the principles to work immediately.

And the results were remarkable.

From $100,000 I scaled to $3 million and 8 employees. When we eventually plateaued at $10 million, I returned to Scaling Up. And it worked again.

Using this system, I gained over 80 employees and nearly $40 million in revenue.

That’s when I realized I could do more than run a business. I knew how to scale. I knew how to create growth.

Creating jobs and hiring gave me energy. Forming an outstanding team of people that I could work with gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

But what really gets me excited is helping others do the same thing.

30+ Businesses Have Seen Big Results

2X Growth

Double-digit growth every year

+50% Maturity

Increased business maturity by 5 years—in just 1 year

100% Engagement

All employees in the right roles

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Wade challenged us to expand and complete our own thinking. When we were stuck, he contributed a healthy amount of his own experience. His willingness to share his successes and failures allowed my team to trust his valuable insights.

-Jason Popma, Caster Depot

Track Record

10+ Years

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3 Years

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20+ Years

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Local chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization


KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year

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